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Why is domestic antlers expensive?

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2022-09-15 16:34:24


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Why is domestic antlers expensive?


The biggest difference between domestic antlers and imported antlers is that imported antlers are mostly grazed in grasslands, with only one or two types of grass consumed by deer.

On the other hand, domestic deer are consumed by mixing herbs, subjects, and deer food to collect high-quality deer antlers.

In the case of imported products, most of them are raised in large quantities to obtain meat, and deer antlers are considered as by-products because they do not eat them.

However, in the case of domestic products, the purpose of breeding is deer antler itself, and since it is intensively managed through small-scale breeding, there is inevitably a difference in price from the cost.


I know that most domestic agricultural and livestock products are safe and taste good, but when processed into food, they are often reluctant to use domestic raw materials due to problems in distribution due to higher costs and small production than imported products. The same is true of melting.

As mentioned above, domestic antlers differ from the price competition with imported antlers due to their high cost and small production.

This is the biggest reason for creating barriers with consumers who encounter domestic antlers.


Looking at the price distribution of deer antlers, it is in the order of Chinese deer antlers made in New Zealand and Russia.

Compared to imported products, the difference in cost varies by at least three times.

It is also a reality that domestic antlers are distributed for food rather than for medicinal purposes at high costs.

To overcome this, the body is taking the lead in popularizing domestic deer antlers by forming the only deer cluster in Korea.