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Is domestic antlers really ineffective?

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2022-09-15 16:34:02


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Is domestic antlers really ineffective?

It is widely known that deer antlers in cold areas are more effective.

Therefore, it is often concluded that the melting of domestic deer with four seasons is ineffective.


Usually, the quality of deer antlers is determined by the "production area" and the "species" of deer.

In terms of production area, Russian is the best, and it is known to be New Zealand and China.

Therefore, it is known that Russian deer antlers are the best, but in fact, it is difficult to find evidence that Russian deer antlers are far better than those of other mountains.

Russia is a cold country, so it is said that the organization of deer antlers is dense, but this also varies depending on the area of deer antlers.

This is because most antlers have dense tissues as they go up.

Therefore, it is also known that the most dense bone of the deer antlers is the best.

Moreover, there are many subspecies due to crossbreeding, so I don't think it has much meaning in classifying deer species.

In summary, it works depending on the production area and species? There is no difference.

For example, raising one cow in Korea and one in the United States does not change the character of the cow. 

Therefore, I think it is more important to process deer's growth period, cutting time of deer, and process deer antlers than to be obsessed with mountains and species.

Therefore, let's not make a mistake in concluding that domestic antlers are ineffective antlers.