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In Korea, there are five species of native species, including Baekdusan deer, and deer such as elk that came from outside for breeding purposes.

Korea's native species include Baekdusan deer, flower deer, roe deer, elk, and musk deer, but Baekdusan deer and flower deer are extinct, and the current flower deer are a cross between native species and Japanese and Taiwanese flower deer after the Korean War.


There are reindeer introduced for land use, such as Redear and Elk, which were introduced from abroad for the purpose of deer antlers.

Redear was introduced from New Zealand and Canada, larger than the deer, smaller than the elk, and characterized by crown-like horns.

Elk has 10 times the production of deer antlers and is resistant to diseases, but it requires a large breeding ground due to its large size.

Reindeer were once introduced for land use, but are rarely raised because they are unsuitable for domestic circumstances.

The body dragon bio only deals with the deer antlers.

Elk deer usually have a body length of 2 to 2.5m, a shoulder height of 1.4 to 1.5m, and a weight of 200 to 500kg, with a dark brown body color and a large yellowish white spot on their hips.

In particular, males are larger than females and are characterized by mane-shaped hairs on their neck.