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Deer management and melting in momnyoung

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2022-09-26 15:14:26


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Deer management and antlers

Deer horns refer to the accessory organs of the bones on the head of a stag, and are used as a tool for pecking order and as a medicine for excellence, which is considered the first hand in oriental medicine.

Deer horns are called "dragon" in Chinese characters, and this is a conference character describing the growth of grass on "ear."


Deer horns are only found in stag, and the growth rate is the fastest in the higher animal kingdom, and they start to grow in horn roots as the only organic material that is regenerated every year and go through the process of rusting container → peeling machine → rust machine → falling machine.

The cutting period of deer antlers varies from time to time, and they usually take place between May and August, and the body dragon is only once a year, from the end of May to the end of MayIt's cutting in early June.

This period is a period when ossification does not progress, and the best deer antlers can be harvested.


Body Dragon Bio is the only deer cluster in Korea that handles only deer antlers from domestic elk deer.

More than 200 domestic deer farms affiliated with the Deer Cluster of Cheyenne Bio are researching, developing, and producing products for domestic antlers selected.

Above all, deer farmers with body dragons are farmers who specialize in raising domestic deer with more than 30 years of know-how.

Those who speak low of domestic antlers say that domestic antlers are not managed, which is absurd.

In particular, BAEYONG Bio handles only deer antlers from deer cluster member farms, and manages deer by spreading exchanges with other farms and deer management education, led by HACCP-certified deer farms.

We are working hard today for safer and better domestic antlers.